People & Organisational Performance

Job Descriptions, Roles & Responsibility

Madasky can assist textile clients in defining job descriptions, roles, and responsibilities by conducting thorough job analyses, developing concise job descriptions, and designing effective organizational structures. They can provide guidance to recruitment support, create training programs, and establish performance management systems. Madasky also offers guidance on talent management strategies, competitive compensation packages, and regulatory compliance. 

By supporting clients during organizational changes, Madasky ensures smooth transitions and helps maintain employee engagement. Their services lead to a more efficient, productive, and competitive textile organization.


Madasky can help clients with KPIs and KRAs by collaboratively setting business objectives, identifying relevant KPIs, and defining critical result areas. We customize KPIs and KRAs to meet the client’s specific needs and benchmark against industry standards. Madasky can assist in developing performance monitoring systems, providing actionable insights for improvement. We offer training and support to foster a data-driven culture and ensure effective KPI and KRA usage. 

Regular reviews and integration of KPIs and KRAs into overall performance management help clients make informed decisions, enhance performance, and achieve their business goals.

Performance Evaluation System

Madasky can help clients develop a customized Performance Evaluation System aligned with organizational goals and culture. They can define clear evaluation criteria, including KPIs and KRAs, and implement a consistent appraisal process. Madasky provides training and support to ensure effective system adoption and promotes goal-setting aligned with individual and organizational objectives. We assist in creating feedback mechanisms, performance improvement plans, and reward programs to motivate employees. 

By integrating the system with talent management strategies and continuously reviewing its effectiveness, Madasky supports clients in driving employee performance and fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

Incentives / Variable Pay Structuring

Madasky can help clients design effective incentives and variable pay structures to motivate employees and align their performance with organizational goals. We analyze the company’s objectives, industry benchmarks, and best practices to develop customized compensation plans. Madasky considers factors such as job roles, performance metrics, and market trends to create balanced and competitive incentive schemes. By establishing clear performance criteria, such as KPIs and KRAs, they ensure transparent and fair reward systems. 

Madasky also provides guidance on implementation, communication, and regular review of incentive programs, ensuring they remain relevant, motivating, and aligned with the organization’s evolving needs.

Annual Appraisal Systems

Madasky can help clients develop a customized Annual Appraisal System that aligns with organizational goals and culture. We define clear evaluation criteria, including KPIs and KRAs, and design a structured appraisal process with goal setting, performance reviews, and feedback sessions. 

Madasky provides training and support for consistent implementation and promotes open communication for continuous improvement. We assist in creating performance improvement plans and integrating appraisal systems with incentives, rewards, and talent management strategies. 

By regularly reviewing and refining the system, Madasky ensures its ongoing effectiveness, contributing to employee performance, professional development, and overall organizational success.