Here’s how to make sure you get better results with powerful strategies to take your career and your company to the next level.

High performing executives achieve more. High-performing teams deliver more. High-performing companies make more profits.

So how can you leverage your current skills, experience and resources in today’s fast-paced and incredibly competitive business world as a top performer in a top performing company?

High performance directly impacts a company’s bottom line and despite what some business professionals may say profit is the most important part of business in any industry or category. If you’ve ever wanted to increase the impact and effectiveness of your career, accelerate your company’s growth and implement programs that result in exceptional ROI, it’s time to discover how an ActionCOACH Executive Coach can guide you, your team, and your company to incredible success.


Executives and professionals who hire an ActionCOACH
Executive Coach are already at the top of their game and only want to get better.
Just like an elite athlete looks to a coach to be held accountable for certain performance standards to “push the envelope” and get better results, more executives and professionals are turning to an Executive Coach for the strategies, advice, counsel and mentorship to boost performance and deliver winning results to their organizations. Not only will an Executive Coach help you excel by offering additional insights and new perspectives, a good
Executive Coach guides your productivity by linking performance to key metrics on a daily, weekly,
monthly and quarterly basis. By tracking results in key performance areas, an Executive Coach can accelerate your success while helping you devise your own strategic programs, explore your own strengths, apply your own ideas and ultimately leverage your unique contributions to your company’s bottom-line.
In short, there are two main reasons you should hire an Executive Coach:
• To get significant results, solve a pressing problem, and/or take advantage of a major opportunity.
• To rely on a trusted advisor who is credible, engaging and has a depth of business and executive knowledge to
help you overcome “blind spots” in your game so you can increase your level of performance in key strategic roles.


The aim of Executive Coaching is to enhance your leadership ability and on-the-job performance. Executive Coaching also helps you and your organization by providing content, processes, and attitudes to help everyone in the company leverage, increase and improve performance and sustain results. If you are looking to take a new executive position, or take your company to the next level; or if you are in charge of directing others in your team to achieve ever-increasing and seemingly out-of-reach results, an Executive Coach can guide you to success with a winning plan to streamline strategy and operations so you can achieve more with less. In today’s fast-paced, dynamic and ever-changing business climate, executives need to not only keep up with the pace of the market, they also need to remain proactive in developing their own leadership abilities – as well as the leadership skills of those in their team.

Why ActionCOACH?

As strategic and entrepreneurial experts with more than 1,000 offices in over 84 countries, ActionCOACH Executive Coaches bring a unique and innovative, global and entrepreneurial perspective to you and your team. With thousands of proven strategies and tactics that have grown companies, divisions, teams and profits around the world, our Executive Coaching programs are perfectly suited to the incredibly fast-paced and increasingly global nature of corporate teams and businesses. In addition, our international network of Executive Coaches has worked with clients in every conceivable category and industry – allowing us to leverage best practices, our own proprietary knowledge and realtime strategies in benchmarked ways unmatched by any other organization.


Executive Coaching shares some commonalities with, yet differs from, business coaching. Both focus on getting results in organizations. Both focus on recruiting and developing talent, as well as building teams and achieving extraordinary results. However, the Executive Coaching client needs to focus more on leadership and strategic issues, while a business coaching client focuses more on increasing a business’ profits and revenue. As an executive or management professional, you’ll be tasked with so much more than running day-to-day
operations. While your business may be complex and multi-faceted, your task as an executive is to lead your company with a vision and a purpose. The executive coach is the visionary, the leader who makes bold decisions and needed changes. This contrasts with the approach of a business coach, who is more concerned with the immediate future. A business coach focuses on boosting your revenues and profits in the short term while setting up your business for long-term viability. Both of these types of coaches possess a high level of business knowledge and a sophisticated business perspective, which can help make any business successful in the long term.

What is the difference between an Executive Coach and a consultant?

Generally, you will discover that consulting is a more in-depth and lengthy process than coaching and involves a process of diagnosing organizational problems, conducting analyses, and solving problems on your behalf. While Executive Coaches may perform some consultant-oriented functions (for instance, conducting research to understand how your executive team is aligned, or assessing your company’s strategic and leadership development process), Executive Coaches primarily require you to answer the questions, discover your own answers, then work with you while you implement your strategies. An Executive Coach guides a process that is both highly strategic and entrepreneurial in nature – one that will help you make better decisions about your goals and the overall direction of your career and your company. Our Executive Coaching program contains four areas that drive results: leadership, team, strategy and action. You will be tasked with learning how to lead a team in a strategic and highly regimented manner. You will develop as a leader and discover new, generalized ways of thinking and acting; these skills can be applied to a variety of different roles, events and situations. Your learning skills development will also include new habits of self-reflection to ensure that high-level learning and performance continue after coaching ends. Ensuring that your solutions remain consistent with your vision as an executive requires self-awareness and a willingness to admit your shortcomings. You will also develop a new skill set of thinking. Thinking big picture, thinking abundantly, and how to think like a true business leader. This skill set will serve you well throughout a long and successful career.


Because the nature of our Executive Coaching process is unique, it is important for all partners involved in the program to develop a formal, written confidentiality agreement before coaching begins. This agreement specifies what information will and will not be shared, in which circumstances, with whom, and how. The confidentiality agreement helps all Executive Coaching partners remain sensitive to confidential issues from each other’s points of view. It also holds coaching partners accountable to other members of the partnership before any information is shared with anyone outside the partnership. ActionCOACH Executive Coaches always work within the proprietary and confidentiality guidelines of your organization as noted in your company’s financial, legal, and business contracts and documents. This includes all confidential organizational information (unless it is otherwise available to the public) within the boundaries of the law.



From an HR perspective, ActionCOACH Executive Coaches use and facilitate the same types of proven strategies and methods to establish team mission, vision, strategy, and rules of engagement within a team, division or department environment. This is done with a single ActionCOACH Executive Coach or a team of coaches.
ActionCOACH Executive Coaches may also work one-on-one with your team leaders. In addition, individual members of your team may be coached one-on-one to facilitate team meetings, build group effectiveness and achieve high-performance team goals.


ActionCOACH Executive Coaches offer services in a range of areas, however, the most common topics addressed are:

How to benchmark key metrics and use them to measure performance
How to determine your worth – and your team’s value – to the bottom-line
How to drive high-impact and high ROI initiatives – and kill activities that waste time and money
How to move you and your team in the same direction
How to get you and your team to agree on the right strategy for any initiative
How to get your stakeholders to value your results, give you the support you need, and understand the
challenges you’re facing
How to deal with a manager that tells you that you need to improve results fast, “or else” —why some people
aren’t held accountable for results and how to start holding them accountable
How to build the organizational capacity to take advantage of market opportunities
How to position your company to beat the competition
How to recruit, retain, and develop top talent
How to reduce and stop high employee turnover
How to develop a “bench” filled with potential leaders who continue to build and run your organization
How to focus in on the few things that you need to do to be successful – even when faced with many
potential priorities
How to kill some of the “sacred cows” and false beliefs in your organization
How to build high-performance teams and achieve measurable results in any department, division and
company in any industry or category
How to think more strategically and how to act more like an entrepreneur
How to get your team thinking more abundantly so they will go the “extra mile”

What results have you helped other executives, teams and companies achieve?

ActionCOACH Executive Coaches have worked with some of the largest and most prestigious companies in the world. From a national airline to a global telecommunications company, our programs have been adopted and implemented around the world. Because of the nature of our work, your ActionCOACH Executive Coach can provide approved testimonials and case studies outlining our results in your initial one-on-one meeting and consultation.

How much will this cost?

ActionCOACH Executive Coaches off er a range of products and services uniquely tailored to fit you

and your organization’s specific goals and objectives. Specific pricing and programs can be discussed with your ActionCOACH Executive Coach at your initial meeting.

So, how do we get started?

Set a meeting with your ActionCOACH Executive Coach today… and you’ll be guided through some simple paperwork to start the executive coaching process. Together, you and your Executive Coach will then sit down, discuss your goals and objectives and start working on a plan of action to take your career, your team and your company to the great places where you want them to go.


ActionCOACH is the world’s number one Business Coaching and Executive Coaching firm, with more than 1000 offices in over 70 countries, established in 1993 by founder and CEO Brad Sugars. ActionCOACH is the leading company of its kind in providing innovative, proven and systematic strategies that build careers and companies for executives, professionals – and their teams.

With an extensive network of Executive Coaches around the world, and an entrepreneurial perspective that focuses on performance metrics and bottom-line success, ActionCOACH sets the industry standard in terms of awards, press, client service – and most importantly – results. Discover for yourself what others in your profession, business and category already know about the benefits of ActionCOACH Executive Coaching – and contact your ActionCOACH Executive Coach today.


“I needed to be more emotionally connected with the team, and not necessarily always focused on specific details. I became better able to recognize and understand what others bring to the table”
Healthcare Vice President

“Our ActionCOACH Executive Coach is a great partner for myself and other members of my leadership team, as we worked to not only recruit the right people, but to develop the right skills within our current team”
Division Director

“His role went way beyond executive coaching. He facilitated and assisted in the strategic planning process and implementation. He conducted 360 degree assessment reviews and helped all director level and above employees create a personal development plan”
Insurance Provider COO

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