Founded by Amit Mittal in the year 2013, MADASKY Consulting is a Business Consultant firm that analyses the challenges faced by business owners and helps them to transform the business by serving as a business strategy consultant and business advisory consultant. With MADASKY, business owners learn to implement strategies and tools that will help their business to achieve success. As a business consultant we provide customized and unique solutions to business owners depending on their business requirements. Our customized business consulting services for your business goes beyond business advisory services. We work closely with our clients and help them implement the best practices for their business growth. In the current economic environment, it is important for businesses to stand out and tighten their operations, so we as a management consulting firm analyse businesses and create solutions that are designed to help your company meet its goals. We as a business advisory consultant provide information and guidance to help executives or upper management master business skills in the industry. We as a business transformation consultant work with our clients on various aspects of planning, strategy, and problem-solving. We as an independent business consultant believe customer satisfaction is the most critical business value thus we strive to provide our clients with the best guidance, advice, and consulting so that performance of your organization boosts effectively and efficiently. Our business advisory consultant will help you scale your business into new heights and transform your business goals into reality!


Madasky business consulting services are exclusively customized according to the requirements of our clients. We as a management consulting firms provide expert business solutions for mid to large size companies. We as business process consultant provide services like aligning sales & marketing teams, Redefining Operations Strategies and excellence, Cost transformation, Global Supply chain, procurement and strategic alliances.

Marketing & Sales

We help businesses in deriving appropriate marketing and sales strategies depending upon the product and market needs. With our business expertise for so many years, we curate step-by-step marketing plans that significantly increase new customers, revenue and profit.

We analyse the company’s marketing objectives and create customer-focused business promotion and marketing strategies for your business. We see marketing cost as an investment, hence to optimise we do a test and analyse each of the promotional campaigns to ensure all the marketing objectives are achieved at the minimal cost.

Redefining Business Strategies and Excellence

Many businesses have suffered losses due to challenging times like COVID-19. The pandemic has forced manufacturing companies worldwide to work on their operations strategies all over again. Today, even leading organizations are trying to reconfigure their operational performance.

We provide quantitative and qualitative assessments for companies that show manufacturing potential. Our redefining operation strategies helps business owners adopt automation and assess their plant performance and supply chain resilience, and much more. Our expert business coach measures potential and performance opportunities and skill gaps to determine a plan of action to stay a step ahead of the competition.

The manufacturing operations of a business have evolved and used digital technology to optimize capacity and productivity. We implement best practices to help our clients reconfigure their operation strategies to boost business growth in unpredictable times.
We analyse the gap in company processes to determine effective strategies to eliminate unproductive activities and enhance the business capacity by implementing various proven tools and methods.

Transforming Supply Chain, Global Sourcing & Contract Manufacturing

We come as a strategic partner to your business to get you the advantage over your competitors and help you to bring your services to stand out to your customers in a competitive environment. We have years of hands-on experience to handle the global supply chain. Our approach to design a supply chain strategy is to link your customer-centric services to your corporate strategy. We take that strategy and turn it into actions.

We redefine the organization’s supply chain approach to overcome common mistakes, delays, unnecessary costs, inefficiency, and missed opportunities by aligning suppliers on one end and your customer on the other. The improved planning, key digital tools and expertise engagement iron out the gap between strategy and action thereby improving the margin.

The complex manufacturing network can lead to low asset utilization, poor service levels, declining delivery performance, capacity bottlenecks, expensive logistics, etc. We redesign your manufacturing network by assessment of current state and then redefining service levels, optimum plant capacity and product mix. Planning interventions, adopting industrial engineering best practice, process improvement with timely action helps improve margin, cost reduction, inventory turns and finally customer satisfaction.

We harness digital interventions like AI and Machine learning leverages the customized network design and sales & operations planning (S&OP) function to profitably deliver the right product, the right way to meet customer expectations.

We help organisations to accelerate their operations process and bring flexibility by smart automation and digital technologies. Technology adoption creates a responsive system, improves operational planning and product traceability.

We help companies by applying a strategic sourcing process, which results in significant savings for overall business. This process helps in organizing cross-functional teams with a focus to enhance business strategies.

Our experts work with companies to determine which products can be sourced and which of the rest can go for contract manufacturing while keeping audit compliance standards in mind.

The sourcing strategies are aligned to source product from Best Cost Country Sourcing (BCCS), reduction of sole source and merits of centralized procurement.

We develop key skills to reduce lead time by aligning the complete value chain, standardising product costing methodology and introducing negotiation techniques to close the fair deal.

The overall savings are brought by budget and target exercise, setting annual procurement savings targets and monitoring periodically. Eventually, the above exercise brings cash flow improvement and better credit terms.

A contract manufacturer is a form of outsourcing. We help companies to easily outsource manufacturing processes so they can focus on other vital functions of the company. We help you to create a design or a formula to approach contract manufacturers for possible strategic alliance.

Cost Transformation and Zero-Based Budget

We have a unique approach to effective and sustainable solutions that help the companies to achieve cost transformation. Our best practices include zero-based budgeting that enables us to reduce the company’s unproductive spending.

Zero-Based Budgeting (ZBB) works on four bases:

  1. Comprehensive KPI and goal setting
  2. Regular target monitoring
  3. Thorough Budget planning
  4. Determine best cost-saving ideas

The ZBB program has helped organizations and companies drive results with 20 – 40% cost saving and using the saved cash for further investments. The budget planning helps the businesses to recalibrate the elements of the product cost. By reconfiguring the operations budget, we have achieved an 8-10% reduction in product cost.

We have successfully managed to specify business costs with the industry and achieved setting targets for significant stakeholders.

Project Consulting Generic

Today the market and industries are evolving every day; hence, it becomes essential for plants, manufacturing facilities and made-up units to adopt the latest technology. Closing the skill gap and getting acquainted with the latest key technologies helps businesses stay ahead of the competition through state-of-the-art facilities and value engineering.

We have set up several facilities and plants to improve process flow and layout. We assist industries in holding Techno-economic feasibility studies, along with the evaluation of investments and technical feasibility. Our cost-effective solutions help you to upgrade your plant.

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