Amit Mittal

Managing Director

Amit has more than 25 years of experience in growing business and delivering consistent results. He is a business coach who has helped many businesses achieve their goals and accomplished tremendous growth in sales, marketing, team training, strategic planning, and much more. Amit has a result-driven approach and focuses on the development of the business and it’s owner as well. He uses defined business strategies that boost business growth. As an accomplished business coach and proven track record for transforming business and lives,  Amit is all set to assist eager business owners to achieve their desired dreams and goals..

Amit served the family business before moving out and finding success in the business world. Amit is a proud husband and father of two amazing daughters. He is a business accelerator with critical business knowledge and tools from ActionCoach, and has an MBA from a top-ranked global business schools – NYU-Stern, LSE, and HEC Paris. Amit is on a mission to create wealth and grow 20,000 enterprises and touch 100,000 lives in the next 20 years.

MADASKY Consulting

Madasky was established in the year 2013 by our managing partner Amit Mittal. Madasky initially started with a business consulting company serving mid to large businesses especially in the manufacturing sector to help them overcome various business and operations challenges. In the year 2020, Amit partnered with ActionCOACH, World’s number 1 business coaching company. ActionCOACH has presence in 82 countries, its a close knit community of 1000 plus coaches and mentoring  more than 18000 businesses every week globally. ActionCOACH has served and transformed many businesses during this global pandemic; COVID-19 period. We continue to serve businesses who were looking for help to counter the unpredictable situation and uncertainty in their business. Madasky ActionCOACH is helping many businesses make a shift in their marketing and sales strategies to ensure business keeps generating revenue and growth.


ActionCOACH is designed to give you long-term mentoring  with a practical approach. Not many companies have experience in training and coaching business owners that we have.

ActionCOACH has worked with business owners in group coaching sessions and one-on-one coaching programs for more than 25+ years. Our coaching programs are focused on exclusive business-building strategies that help you achieve business and personal goals.